LaserContur name badges

Complete exclusivity.

LaserContur name badges impress with their particularly elegant look. The light reflection of the polished edges and the discreet shading of the permanent name make LaserContur the first choice, if prestige and exclusivity are your goals.
Logo and name are carefully printed by hand directly onto the name badge; the velvety-shimmering anti-reflective material emphasises the dignified character of the name badge and guarantees good legibility, even in the trade fair spotlight.
Our state-of-the-art laser technology allows you to determine the format, the material thickness and surface yourself, according to your requirements and allows for nearly every kind of special outline.
The transparent acrylic glass allows both surface- and back-printing. This production technique, cleverly combined with the corresponding layout will make your new LaserContur-name badge the eyecatcher at every event.