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LaserContur | Comfort

LaserContur | Comfort

Proven standard formats and outlines are available for LaserContur | Comfort name badges, which we can print with logo and name, customised according to your requirements – in other words the badges are ready for immediate use.
Sizes: 60x15/20/25 mm, 70x20 mm, 75x25/35 mm, d=60/70 mm, 82x27 mm
(individual formats on request)
Logo printing: digital printing / silk screen printing
Name printing: digital printing / silk screen printing

price per 100 pcs.
(magnet fastening):
from 4,00 € *

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* All prices exclusive of VAT and transportation costs, unless otherwise noted.

Interplay of light and shadows

The all-surround laser-polished edges produce varied light reflections and the printed text gives rise to interesting shading. The surface however has an anti-reflective coating, meaning the badge is also legible in bright light.

Surface- and back-print combination

The acrylic glass used is transparent and only gets its colouring when printed. This facilitates very attractive layouts. The combination of surface- and back-print often gives rise to the fascinating impression of a third dimension.

Premium inscription

Manual screen printing makes the colours particularly vibrant, and since we also print the names for you, the LaserContur name badge is always CI-compliant and ready for immediate use.

Choice of format, outlines

You can choose from numerous standard formats and outlines.

Badges in miniature format

Upon request we can supply any mini-format, e.g. badges for service uniforms (without logo). Here we use 2 mm (0.08 inch) thick material.


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